Tournament Rules and Park Policies

Director of Baseball Tournaments Keith Daly




Coaches must show up at least an hour prior to their first game of the tournament to check their team in. All managers must be prepared with all of their proper documents including, but not limited to, roster, insurance and birth certificates. This will allow things to be efficient and run smoothly.


• No Smoking
• No Alcohol on property
• No Tobacco Use
• No Pets are allowed at Poplar Street Fields.
• Coolers are permitted and are subject to be inspected for banned items.


Each team is required to have proof of insurance with them at all times. Proof must also be provided to CGA prior to the tournament. The insurance certificate must have no less than $2,000,000 General Aggregate and $1,000,000 Each Occurrence coverage. Insurance certificate must have “Complete Game Academy” listed as the certificate holder and additionally insured.


The roster size is limited to 20 players per team. There will be no more than 4 coaches (1 manager, 2 coaches, and a scorekeeper) allowed in the tournament. A team can add to their roster up to their first game. A player can be on rosters for two different age groups, but not on multiple teams within a single age group. If a player’s name shows up on multiple rosters, he/she must designate which team he/she is officially on before the player’s first game. Anyone who plays games for more than one team in an age group will be declared an “illegal player” for all but one team (the Tournament Committee will decide which is the “legal” team) and penalties will be enforced per NFHS rules.


All games played in CGA tournaments will have two umpires assigned for each game.


Game balls will be provided by CGA for all games. Teams are to bring their own practice balls for use in batting cages and for warm up. Teams also should bring helmets, bats, gloves, catcher’s gear, first aid and other equipment that may be needed for the team. Metal cleats may be worn only at 13U and above. See details below.


Teams are to be in full uniform once they are on the field. All players must have a uniform number.


Coaches are not required to wear full uniform during games. However, CGA does expect coaches to dress appropriately on the field. Coaches do not need to wear helmets while coaching 1st or 3rd base, however, players need to wear helmets if they coach 1st or 3rd base.


Use of batting cages will be on first come first served basis.

Poplar Street – Batting Cages Available
Trolley Line Park – No Batting Cages (Plan accordingly)
Wolgemuth Park – No Batting Cages (Plan accordingly)


All dugouts have protective fencing in front. However, foul balls can get into the dugouts through the doorways. Players and coaches should be aware of foul balls at all times. Coaches are responsible for the players in the dugouts.


There will be general first aid equipment on site for all tournaments. In case of serious emergency please call 911.

Local Hospitals:

Penn State Hershey: 500 University Dr, Hershey, PA 17033
Lancaster General Hospital: 555 N Duke St, Lancaster, PA 17602


All players, coaches, fans and parents need to be aware of foul balls at all times. There will be more than one game going on at a time, and foul balls can come from different fields. Please return all foul balls to the umpire or a staff member.


A team trophy will be presented to the top 2 finishers in each age group.


Protests must be submitted to the home plate umpire before the next pitch or play.
If a protest results from the final play of a game, it must be submitted prior to the umpires leaving the field.
Protests will be heard and ruled on by the Tournament Committee. The team protesting a playing rule must submit a cash deposit of $100 at the time of the protest. If the protest is ruled in the protesting team’s favor, the $100 deposit will be refunded. The ruling made by the Tournament Committee will be final.


Any player or coach that is ejected from a game must leave the playing area for the remainder of the game. Unaccompanied minors may remain in the stands but may not disrupt game play in any manner. Any player or coach that participates in a fight will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. Any coach or player that makes physical contact with an umpire or CGA staff will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. Individuals who are suspended for the rest of the tournament are not allowed to enter any complex that is being used for the tournament.


Cutoff Date: May 1, 2020


CGA requires each team registering for a tournament to make a non-refundable deposit payment in the amount of $250. Payment in full for all events is due 45 days prior to the start of the event. Checks can be sent to: Complete Game Academy, 11 Distribution Dr. Elizabethtown, PA 17022


No refunds will be issued at any time after payments are made. However, CGA will hold a credit for a future event if notice of cancellation is given at least three weeks prior to the start date. Credits may not be transferred to another organization and any credit must be used within 1 year. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. Teams who are on the waiting list for a tournament will be contacted as soon as a slot has opened. CGA encourages waiting teams to provide a credit card number on their registration form to speed up the process should a slot open.


If rain comes into play, we will do everything we can to stay close to the original game schedule. If we need to change the schedule because of the inclement weather, we will do our best to try to maintain the original tournament format schedule. However, some rained out games may not be made up depending on time constraints.
In case of scheduling changes, it is the team’s responsibility, not the Tournament Committee, to make sure they are aware of the new schedule. This information will be posted at the complex fields and on our website.

REFUND POLICY- Weather Related

For 3 game minimum tournaments:
Play 0 Games- 100% credit (no refund)
Play 1 game –70% credit (no refund)
Play 2 games – $100 credit only (no refund)
For 4 game minimum tournaments:
Play 0 games- 100% credit (no refund)
Play 1 game –70% credit (no refund)
Play 2 games – 50% credit (no refund)
Play 3 games – $100 credit only (no refund)



Be sure you are aware of all rules and rule changes. CGA reserves the right to amend these rules at any time for specific tournament play. National High School Federation Baseball Rules will be enforced with the following exceptions:




1.POOL PLAY TIME LIMIT: All games will be played with a strict one hour and 50 minute time limit. This means no new inning will start after the one hour and 50 minute mark. Official time will be kept by the umpires. The time will start immediately after the conclusion of the pregame meeting. For each team’s pool play games, the home team will be determined by a coin flip at the plate meeting. If the home team is batting and is ahead as the time limit is reached, the game will end immediately (player at-bat can finish his at-bat).
Warm-up Pitches: Pitchers are allowed 8 pitches before their initial inning and 5 pitches before additional innings.

Between innings, teams have 120 seconds to be ready for the first pitch… pitcher holding the ball and touching the pitcher’s plate, and a batter standing in the batter’s box ready to hit. The 120-second clock shall start when the last out is made and stops when the umpire calls “Play” for the first pitch to the first batter of the next half-inning. If there are unusual circumstances that prevent either team from getting on or off the field, other common sense delays such as ceremonies or field maintenance not the fault of the teams, or an injury, the time clock is delayed until players have had an opportunity to begin to move to their positions. Either team may use one of its charged conferences to avoid a 120-second clock penalty. If the offensive team is not ready within the 120-second time limit, the umpire shall call a strike. If the defense is not ready, a ball shall be awarded to the first batter.

3. INNINGS: 9U-12U will play 6 inning games, and 13U-16U will play 7 inning games, if the 1 hour 50 minute time limit permits.

4. TIE GAMES: All pool games that are tied after 6/7 innings or the time limit will be recorded as a tie. No extra innings will be played in pool games even if it is under the time limit after 6/7 innings.

5. FORFEITS: All forfeits that occur before the start of the game will result in 6-0 win (9U-12u) or 7-0 win (13U-18u). All forfeits or concessions that occur while the game is in progress will end the game immediately and the score will stand as-is at the time of the forfeit/concession. If any forfeit is deemed to be intentionally unsportsmanlike (ruled on by the Tournament Committee), the forfeiting team may become subject to additional penalties.

6. MERCY RULES: Games will end if the run difference is: 12 runs after 3 innings; 10 runs after 4 innings; and 8 runs after 5 innings.

7. PITCHING RESTRICTIONS: There are no pitching restrictions for our CGA tournaments.
Please see the Pitch Count Limits and Required Rest Recommendations that was created by major league baseball.

8. TRIPS TO THE MOUND 9U-12U: Second visit to the mound per inning with the same pitcher will result in removal of that pitcher. Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound, he MAY NOT re-enter to pitch.

9. TRIPS TO THE MOUND/DEFENSIVE CONFERENCES 13U-16U: Maximum of (6) free defensive conferences without a pitching change. One extra conference is granted for an extra inning game. A player leaving his position to confer with the pitcher, including a pitcher leaving the mound to confer with a player, is charged with a defensive conference. Brief incidental communications that do not delay the game are not considered charged conferences. This is a pace of play rule and a way to stop intentional game delays. A pitching change is required if a coach makes a second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning. Once a pitcher has been removed from the the mound, he MAY NOT re-enter to pitch.

10. OFFENSIVE CONFERENCES: 9U-12U, One offensive conference per inning. 13U- 16, Maximum of (6) offensive conferences per game. One extra conference is granted for an extra inning game. 13U-16U… an offensive conference is charged if a batter or runner leaves their position during a defensive charged conference. 13U-16U… during a pitching change, the current batter, the on deck batter and any runners are allowed to leave their positions to meet with a coach but they are to return before the last warmup pitch so the game can be started promptly or risk being charged with an offensive conference.
11. BALKS: 9u-10u… No balks. 11u-12u… One warning per pitcher. 13u-18u… No Warnings… Balks will be played as a DELAYED DEAD BALL.

12. INFIELD FLY RULE: There will be NO infield fly rule for 9u-10u. Regular rules apply for 11u-16u.

13. CATCHER DROPPED 3RD STRIKE: 9u-10u… the batter is automatically out. 11u-16u… regular baseball rules.

14. STARTING THE GAME: All games must be started with at least 8 players. If a team does not have at least 8 players at the start of the game, they forfeit the game. If a team starts with 8 players, an automatic out will be called every time the 9th slot in the batting lineup comes up. If a 9th player arrives at any time during the
game, that player is to be inserted immediately into the lineup in the 9th spot and placed into the game (even if the team is on defense). Any other player(s) that arrive after the 9th player can only be used as a legal substitute.
NOTE: All teams should be prepared to start their game 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

15. HITTING LINE UP: In all age groups… teams can bat 9, 10, or 11(EH, XH) NO DH or they can bat their entire lineup. At the pre-game plate conference, the team representative must inform the umpires who is the Head Coach. The representative must also inform the other coach and the plate umpire at the pre-game plate conference how he intends on batting his players. It is the team’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of the opposing team’s lineup prior to the first pitch of the game. Head Coach must bring up any issues to the attention of the Tournament Director or Tournament Committee. The EH and XH may bat anywhere in the lineup. The EH and XH are considered defensive positions for substitution purposes. Free defensive substitution for all players. While batting the entire lineup, If one of your players gets hurt you will remove player from the game (offense & defense) and shrink the lineup one spot. Repeat this process until batting below 9. Injured player will then become an automatic out. Any protests on the hitting lineup must be brought to the Tournament Director or Tournament Committee’s attention at the time it occurs.

16. RE-ENTRY RULE: A starter who is replaced may re-enter the game, that player will become “married” to the substitute and must re-enter in the same spot of the lineup. A substitute may also return to the lineup again in the same spot of the lineup. The re-entry rule also applies for the EH and XH.

17. COURTESY RUNNER: Pitcher and catcher only. May be at any time. If you have substitutes, use them as your courtesy runner(s). If you don’t, then use the player(s) who made the last out(s).

18. INTENTIONAL WALK: In all ages… the coach can call for an intentional walk (do not need to throw/ball is dead).

19. OFFICIAL GAME: 9u-12u games called due to the weather by the umpires or the Tournament Director that cannot be resumed will be considered complete after 2 innings or 1 1⁄2 innings if the home team is ahead. If after 2 complete innings there is a tie score, then it will remain a tie score if in pool play. 13u-16u games called due to the weather by the umpires or the Tournament Director that cannot be resumed will be considered complete after 3 innings or 2 1⁄2 innings if the home team is ahead. If after 3 complete innings there is a tie score, then it will remain a tie score if in pool play. At times the Tournament Committee may suspend/cancel games due to weather. Umpires may temporarily halt play , but only the Tournament Committee has the authority to suspend/cancel games. NOTE: No special request will be honored if rescheduling becomes necessary. All coaches should make sure they have the tournament phone numbers to call for information. If non-playoff games are cancelled, playoff qualifications will be determined by the tie breaker procedures (listed below). If a Championship game is stopped due to weather or darkness, CO-Champions will be awarded.

20. SCORING: We recommend that all teams (home and visitors) keep a scorebook. The official scorer of the game will be the plate umpire. It is the team’s responsibility to check every inning with the umpires to confirm the score.

21. BAT RESTRICTIONS: 9u-13u: Any bat with USA or 1.15 BPF Certification unless listed in link. 14u-16u: Must be -3 BBCOR.

22. LEADING/STEALING: 9u-10u must wait until the ball crosses the plate to leave the base (46’ 60). First violation is a warning and after that they will be called out. 11u-18u regular leading and stealing rules apply.

23. DUGOUT RULE: All players and coaches must be completely inside the dugout. No players are permitted to sit on the concrete blocks. Coaches are responsible for their player’s safety around the dugout area. Only one player may be in the one- deck area. Players must stay on their respective sides when on deck.

24. JEWELRY: No metal jewelry is permitted to be worn during the game. No stickers may be worn on any part of the helmet. Non-metal necklaces and bracelets may be worn, but pitchers are not permitted to wear necklaces or bracelets when pitching.

25. NOT COVERED IN THE RULES: In the event any issue is not covered in the playing rules, the Tournament Committee will make the fairest possible ruling and that ruling will be final.


1. Overall Pool play record
2. Total runs allowed in pool play
3. If still tied… Total runs scored in pool play
4. If still tied… Coin flip

It is possible for two teams to go undefeated in larger pools. Both teams would advance to the playoffs and be seeded based on the tiebreaker rules.

If a pool has teams that don’t play the same amount of games, the first tie breaker will be winning percentage.


1. Overall record
2. Total runs allowed in pool play
3. Total runs scored in pool play
4. If still tied coin flip

If there is a case where teams have not played the same number of pool play games, seeding will be based on their winning percentage. If multiple teams have 100% winning percentage but a different number of wins, the team with the most wins will be seeded higher than the other team(s). For example: 3-0 will be seeded higher than 2-0.


Quarterfinal & Semifinal Games:

If a game is tied after 6 innings for 9u-12u, or 7 innings for 13u-16u, or the 1 hour and 50 minute time limit, the two teams will go into tie- break rules:
Base runners will be placed as follows:
Last batter from previous inning @ 2nd Base
Normal substitution rules apply to these runners. The hitting team will start the inning with one out.
• Play continues until one team is ahead at the end of an inning

Championship Games:

If a game is tied after 6 innings for 9u-12u, or 7 innings for 13u-16u the two teams will go into tie- break rules:
Base runners will be placed as follows:
Last batter from previous inning @ 2nd Base
Normal substitution rules apply to these runners. The hitting team will start the inning with one out.
• Play continues until one team is ahead at the end of an inning.